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Mr. Bar Headed

TruWerdz is an artist who embodies the essence of Boom Bap, with his razor-sharp lyrical skills and a passion for authentic hip-hop. He has earned his stripes as a punchline expert, captivating listeners with his clever wordplay and thought-provoking rhymes. 

TruWerdz made waves with the release of his EP titled "Reflections," showcasing his introspective storytelling and showcasing his versatility as an artist. TruWerdz has been consistently dropping impactful singles, with producers 1st official, Vinz Vega and King Vir2ue until 

In Aug 2022, TruWerdz unveiled the EP "Tru-Vir2ue (Looking Forward)," a collaborative project with producer King Vir2ue. This release solidified his position as an artist while staying true to his Boom Bap roots. TruWerdz's showcased his skills in cyphers alongside Grindmode. 

His dedication to mental health and suicide prevention was evident during the impactful "Tour For Life," a five-day tour where he opened for esteemed artists like Young Zee, Pace One, Rah Digga, Ren Thomas, Dizzy Wright, Canibus, A-F-R-O, and Ghostface from Wu-Tang Clan. One of TruWerdz's standout tracks, "My Window," produced by Nastee, resonated with listeners, showcasing his ability to blend introspection with a captivating flow. 

Recently, he collaborated with K Banger on the EP titled "The Statement," produced by 1st Official, released in August 2023, demonstrating his commitment to delivering quality music.

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Respect The Name - Ep. 39


New Jersey Rapper TruWerdz Shares Music Video "Who I B"

Aspiring New Jersey rapper TruWerdz is known for his dynamic delivery and witty wordplay. The Puerto Rican-born lyricist perfectly proofs his incredible mic skillz on the new single "Who I B." The prolific Boom Bap artist, who already opened up for Dizzy Wright, Canibus, and Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface, joined forces with fellow rappers Gonz!


TruWerdz X Gonz! X King Vir2ue - Who I Be - Boom Bap Nation

With Vir2ue On The Beat, Gonz! & I Showcase Everything You Could Ask For And More From A Fire Producer & Two Incredible Barsmen. Between The Masterful Beat, The Metaphors, Wordplay & Flow, We All Slaughtered This. Sit Back & Watch What Us Goats Are All About.


TruWerdz x Gonz! x King Vir2ue unleash "Who I Be" - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz and Gonz! bring a barrage of bars on "Who I Be." Check the banging platter soldered by King Vir2ue. Who I Be by TruWerdz, Gonz!, King Vir2ue

TruWerdz x Gonz! x King Vir2ue Deliver "Who I Be"(Video) - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz, Gonz! & King Vir2ue touch down for two minutes and 58 seconds of cinematic action!!! Check out the Hip Hop Heavyweights on "Who I Be!!!"

TruWerdz X King Vir2ue drop "Tru-Vir2ue (Looking Forward)" - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz brings a bevy of brazen bars over hard hitting King Vir2ue whipped joints on their collab. Check the top choice steez throughout the "Tru-Vir2ue (Looking Forward)" platter featuring Steam Lagoon on the "Feelings" remix. Tru-Vir2ue (Looking Forward) by TruWerdz X King Vir2ue

TruWerdz Drops "All Eyes On Me" - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz shakes off the haters & keeps his focus on the music with a new gem titled "All Eyes On Me!" Check out the action below! All Eyes On Me by TruWerdz

TruWerdz x K Banger drop "My Favorite Song" - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz and K Banger bring their audio artistry to your speakers with "My Favorite Song." True heads ready for those real steez, get ready to blast this 1st Official Beats seared joint. My Favorite Song by TruWerdz, K Banger

TruWerdz Delivers "Star Action"(ft. King Vir2ue) - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz shows ya what "Star Action" is all about as he shines brightly on a new King Vir2ue featured gem! Check out the sonic excitement below! Star Action Feat. King Vir2ue by TruWerdz

TruWerdz Drops "Love Is Love" - Insomniac Magazine

When those closest to you don't f**k with your music what do you do? TruWerdz provides a clever response to that question on "Love Is Love!" Check out the gem below! Love Is Love by TruWerdz

TruWerdz x King Vir2ue Drop "Get Mine" - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz links up with King Vir2ue for new audio heat called "Get Mine!" Go for yours & PRESS PLAY! Get Mine Feat. King Vir2ue by TruWerdz

TruWerdz Says "Good Morning" - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz woke us up with a mega blast of serious HEAT called "Good Morning!" Check out the early rising rhyme renegade below! Good Morning by TruWerdz

TruWerdz Is "Off The Meter" - Insomniac Magazine

Truer words have never been spoken than the ones that come from the mouth of the mic beast known as TruWerdz! Check out the lyrical king on the ill joint "Off The Meter!"

TruWerdz Drops "The Spotlight" x "Authentic" - Insomniac Magazine

TruWerdz is declaring open season on all you wack rappers! Check out the lyrical dynamo as he keeps the competition in the crosshairs on "The Spotlight" & "Authentic" below! The Spotlight by TruWerdz Authentic by TruWerdz

TruWerdz Drops "Mumble Rap" x "Right!!"(Video) - Insomniac Magazine

NJ Punchline King Truwerdz hits us with 2 dope joints from the past! Check out "Mumble Rap" & "Right!!" below! Mumble Rap by TruWerdz


TruWerdz - Pen To The Paper

Hip Hop, Rap, Underground, Horrorcore, Grime

TruWerdz - All Eyes On Me by

Hip Hop, Rap, Underground, Horrorcore, Grime

TruWerdz - Lyrical Homicide Feat. King Vir2ue

Hip Hop, Rap, Underground, Horrorcore, Grime

TruWerdz - Good Morning

Hip Hop, Rap, Underground, Horrorcore, Grime

TruWerdz, K Banger - My Favorite Song

Hip Hop, Rap, Underground, Horrorcore, Grime


Artist Exploration - TruWerdz - Can's Headphones

TruWerdz has been floating around in one or two of my personal playlists for a bit now, so I was excited when I was approached to do this writeup. Not only am I fan of the music, I'm a fan of the man behind it.

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Tru-Werdz & GONZ! | Interview | TheBeeShine

Tru-Werdz and GONZ! are emcees from Elizabeth, NJ. Representing their own label We Good Ent, the group represents positivity and unity in their music. Check out their latest single and music video, "I'll Shit On You (D12 Remix)". Spread the love